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REAL food?

Ok – I know this is lazy – but I’m going to point to a blog post that I read today.  If you haven’t seen it – it is worth reading and thought provoking.  It’s about what REAL food is … Continue reading

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Breathing book

I just finished reading The Healing Power of the Breath by Richard P Brown & Patricia L Gerbarg. Excellent book.  It’s about using the breath to reduce stress and anxiety.  Included in the book is a CD to help you … Continue reading

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Ditching Diets by Gillian Riley

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about the book Ditching Diets by Gillian Riley for awhile now.  In the meantime, I’ve read another of her books Eating Less – Saying goodbye to overeating. I’m not sure if it’s … Continue reading

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My RKC session last weekend

It was GREAT!  I really learned a lot and felt it was worth the investment.  I highly encourage others to seek out qualified kettlebell trainers.  This particular trainer is about 2 1/2 hours away from me so training with him … Continue reading

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Man on Top – book review

My Mister received a kindle for his birthday.  He hasn’t really gotten INTO it yet so I’ve been using it a lot. Roland Denzel & his wife Galina Ivanova Denzel have written a book called Man on Top – lose … Continue reading

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