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Kris here.  I’m going to try my hand at keeping another blog to track my health and fitness.  I kept a weight loss blog for several years and it was helpful; helpful in helping me dispose of quite a bit of excess weight.

Over the last 2 years – I’ve maintained (within about 10-15 pounds) the fat I removed (80+ pounds).  I would like to be healthier and if my body cooperates, I’d like to drop more pounds.  I would like to have less weight to haul around.  I’d like to go the rest of the way toward my physical goals.

Having said that, my goals are not weight related.  I don’t weigh.  Scales make me crazy and in 40+ years of dieting (I’m 53), I’ve never really been successful.  Call me crazy – think I’m putting my head in the sand – whatever.  This isn’t about you, it’s about me.  (I say that as nicely as I can!).

My ultimate goal…..if in the long haul, I walk this earth for several (many?) more years – I’d like to be able to walk the earth in a healthy way.  I would like my body to be as healthy as possible so that I can enjoy the beauty and joy that surrounds me.  Better fitness, a stronger body and less body fat along with a calm and serene mind state will help me achieve that.

This blog is my way of tracking what I’m doing to fulfill that goal.  Today my routine includes yoga (LOVE IT!), meditation, walking and swinging my kettlebells.

Oh, and I’m going to be honest here.  Brutally honest about what I’m feeling and thinking. Family?  If you find your way here….you’ve been warned.  If you can’t stand the heat – stay out of the fire.

September 2012


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