Not 100% yet


Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur – 10×10 2hs w/8kg, 2 yoga sessions (Mon & Wed)

Fri – 5×10 2hs w/12kg
Sat – 10×10 2hs w/12kg, 60 min yin yoga

Saturday 6 hours later – INTENSE pain in upper back/chest area. Heart attack? Muscle spasm? Shifted into an ache and then went away so decided it was muscle spasm/strain. Frustrated but dealing.

Sunday – no swinging.

Plan for this week? Try Pavel’s program again. Start with the 8kg for a couple days and then increase to 12kg and see how it goes. Stick with dh for another week. Add 1/2 naked TGUs.  Restorative/Yin yoga and casual walking.

Talked with a 80+ year-old woman yesterday and she reminded me of how important it is to keep moving.  Keep striving.  She gave up years ago and now she is dealing with the consequences of her inactivity.  Funny isn’t it that the 80+ year old is one of the few people in my life that ISN’T telling to ‘take it easy’?

On that note – I’m putting on my shoes and heading out for a walk this morning.  Nice, crisp Autumn morning – love this time of the year!  I’ll follow it up with my 10×10 swings and TGU for the day.

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2 Responses to Not 100% yet

  1. Diana says:

    It’s amazing how as we age, we think the absolute worse when a “pain” hits us….especially in the chest area! BAM, right away the first thing is heart attack.
    My MIL who is 86 speaks the same language; “if only I did this-or-that when I was young”….I sure don’t want to turn into someone who says these things. I hope that when my time comes, I have my hand on the handle of a kettlebell!
    Not fair that it’s autumn by you! That means you’ve got winter knocking on your door! I have the hazy, hot and humid crap known as summer coming my way-not my time of year by any means!
    Although, I do enjoy being able to hike without snowshoes once in a while!
    Hope the pain has gone away-perhaps it was doing something for 6 days straight? Granted our days seem to be more and more numbered as we age, but we don’t have to hurry things up by trying to exercise them away! 😉

  2. I’m glad it dissipated fairly quickly! I would try icing it. Sounds like it could just be a pinched nerve, and those tend to ease up pretty quickly for me with ice (and chiropractic)!

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