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There’s an article on StrongFirst written by Gabby Eborall about working out and the ‘older’ woman.   Perhaps I live in a vacuum but this is exactly what I was wishing to find a week or so ago – someone who is in my age bracket and recognizes that not every 50+ year old woman can work out as a 30 year old woman.  It’s worth reading.

This week I started back swinging my bells.  I’m starting with 10×10 double handed swings with the 8kg (18 pound) bell.  It feels like I’m swinging air bells.  However, I’m trying to be patient and not push too hard.

Everyone in my life seems to think that it was the kettlebells that caused my injury and are issuing warnings to take it easy and saying things like “are you sure you should be swinging kettle bells?”  What makes people who don’t exercise – who don’t know anything about kettlebells (other than watching Jillian Michaels on the biggest loser) think they have any basis for offering these warnings.  Right.  It would be better for me to sit on the couch with my finger up my backside, right?

Oh, I know they are only concerned and I do appreciate that concern (don’t get your panties in a wad, family & friends, if you are reading this).  However, I am quite well read and educated on kettlebells and I’ve been swinging them for quite a while, and I have been to several RKC/SFG trainers over the last couple years (the last one told me I had excellent form – especially for someone who was relatively self-taught).

I’m going to proceed with Pavel’s S&S program (swings & TGU) and see how it goes.  IF I have this issue again, I’ll reconsider my kettlebell workouts but for now – it’s business as usual.

Side note – hopefully by getting back into exercising, my food will fall back into line.  I’m really having massive struggles with addictive eating lately.  I know it.  I recognize it but when faced with it – I succumb to it.

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2 Responses to StrongFirst article

  1. Diana says:

    I read that article too and I totally agree! I’ve been looking for the same “help” out there and Gabby nailed it!
    I’m going to start with the “less is more” and see where it takes me!
    Glad to hear you’re back to the bells!!!! I hope you’re injury doesn’t ever show up again!

  2. People can be quick to point fingers at things they don’t understand. I hope things go well!! As for the eating, try to release judgment and take it one day, meal, hour at a time. We continually have another chance to make the choices that feel good, inside and out. xo

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