Curvy Yoga – Anna Guest Jelley


I’ve ‘known’ Anna of Curvy Yoga for awhile now.  I’m not sure how I discovered her but I’m glad I did.  I once contributed a picture of me doing yoga at the beach to her Curvy Yoga Gallery.  Now THAT took courage!

Anna had an article on Maria Shriver‘s site this week that actually resonates with me more than the 28 day love your body challenge – although it is certainly in a similar vein.

Here is an excerpt of her article, Three questions to ask to become your best you:

1. What do I need on a daily basis to stay connected to my body and grounded in the world?Keep this simple, including 2-4 things you know you can do no matter what. Examples include: start the day with a glass of water, pause for 3 deep breaths, turn off all devices 30 minutes before bed or do 5 minutes of yoga.

2. What do I need on a weekly basis to remind myself that I am deserving of my own love and attention? Choose 1-2 slightly more in-depth things here. Again, it’s critical that you can actually do these most every week, given your current schedule, relationships, etc. Examples might include calling a friend for 30 minutes, writing a poem or attending an exercise class you love.

3. What do I need on a monthly basis to remind myself that my body is whole, trustworthy and enough, just as it is? Finally, choose 1-2 even more in-depth items, like a hike in the woods, a long lunch with your BFF, spending a full day with your email off, etc.

On a personal note, I had a facet joint injection yesterday in my L4/L5 spinal region.  It was not a painful process at all.  It was done with a doctor and under CT Scan guidance.  My pain had pretty much gone away prior to yesterday so it will really be difficult to know whether it ‘solved’ the problem or not – since the problem basically went away on its own.

I’ve consulted with my family PT (well, he will graduate from PT school in May!) on whether and how to get back to swinging my bells and beating up my boxing bag.  He’s recommended I make an appointment or two with the local physiotherapist – who hopefully has experience with orthopedic issues and can perhaps give me some smart lumbar area/core strengthening exercises to help prevent this issue from happening again.

In the meantime, I’m road walking (increased my distance today by about 1/3) and doing yoga.

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3 Responses to Curvy Yoga – Anna Guest Jelley

  1. Thanks for sharing, that post looks great! I’ll be checking it out.

    Hope the injection – and the physiotherapist – help a bunch! xo

  2. Diana says:

    Hope you’re feeling great effects from that injection for a long, long time and that it gets you back to those bells! I couldn’t imagine my life without them! 😉

    • KrisR says:

      Thanks Diana. It’s hard to tell if the injection ‘worked’ or not as my body had worked itself out of the pain prior to the injection.

      Two days of 10×10. So far, so good. 🙂

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