Maybe I’m back? Not sure.

1164 one of the hardest

I’m thinking about blogging again.  I seem to be more accountable if I’m blogging.  I’ve been inactive now for a month due to a back/hip injury.  I’m still not 100%.  I’m sure I’ve put on 5 kilos (10-12 pounds).  I don’t want to weigh 300 pounds again.  I went for a 30 minute walk this morning and honestly?  It wore me out.  One month of inactivity and I’ve fallen so far.  I don’t like it.

Also, my food is out of control.  I don’t like how I feel.

My main thought – I’m not sure how honest I can be when I know that this is a public blog.  I’m tempted to set it to private – invitation only.  Then again – it’s helpful to me when I read others blogs – especially women of my age (there aren’t many that I can find).  So, I’m in a quandary… or not?  public or private?  honest or hold back some?

I’m not sure yet.

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7 Responses to Maybe I’m back? Not sure.

  1. Please keep blogging. And keep it public. We all have to remember the course of progress is not a straight line. I appreciate your tenacity.

  2. I’m here. I’ll ask for an invitation if you make it private. Whatever you decide works for you! I hope your injury sorts itself out soon. xo

  3. Diana says:

    Don’t let your injury get you down! I know-way, way easier said than done! I put on 50lbs this past year due to not being able to workout due to various reasons (surgery, stress fractures, bad feet and just not caring anymore) but I’m taking it one day at a time and slowly but surely getting myself back on that wagon.
    Being, also, in my 50’s, it’s a hard thing, but it can be done! One minute at a time.
    Hang tough and do what you can while you heal-movement, no matter how slight at this time while healing is going on, is still better than doing nothing!

    Hoping I get invited if you decide to go private…….but I always figured, for me at least, I won’t go private because then I have no sense of accountability. People may not always comment on my blog, but I know they’re out there reading!

    Peace to you Kris!
    Welcome back!

    • KrisR says:

      Thanks for your support, Diana. Like I said to Tamara, if I go private, I’ll send you an invite (thanks for wanting one!) but for now, I’ll keep it public and honest. If I find I’m not being honest (with myself primarily) I’ll have a re-think.

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