Yesterday I completed TWO naked TGU to standing on my right side!  It was a quiet victory – just me smiling and enjoying the moment.  It felt good.  Sweet even.  It was my goal for 2013 and it has taken me nearly all year to achieve it.  I’m still smiling.

I’ve also finished week 6 of the BeSlam program.  Half way through the program.  I’m still enjoying it.  I have been substituting some basic Tracy Reifkind type swing routines for the BeSlam conditioning workouts – simply because I love to swing.  Tracy has posted some quick and easy (5 minute) 10×10 workouts lately that are easy to add in.


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2 Responses to SUCCESS!

  1. Diana says:

    Awesome Kris! Congratulations on your achievement! TGU is a great move and so perfect in every way for the entire body!

  2. Well done KR brilliant that is a big achievement 🙂

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