Week 6 of Lauren Brook’s BeSlam

be strong

Week 6 has been started.  It will be a tough week as I’m trying to catch up on a missed session from last week.  I might just have to stay one session behind – we’ll see.  It’s not like it’s a race or anything – right?

Still enjoying the BeSlam program.  Have tried to insert one Tracy Reifkind Top 40 workout into each week rather than one of Lauren’s conditioning sessions – simply because I really like Tracy’s swing workouts too.  Yesterday I did 435 swings with my 12kg – both single and double handed combos.  It’s really time for me to start doing the dh swings with the 16kg regularly.  At least for part of my workouts.


Am really enjoying my yoga lately.  Most weeks I do 2-3 classes with local teachers and at least 2 sessions on my own with yogaglo.  Monday’s class is a restorative class.  I can’t tell you how much I love this class.  It’s like adult napping.  The instructor sets us up in different supported poses and we just chillax and breathe.  FABULOUS.


Wednesday and Thursday’s yoga classes are hatha.  These two classes have the appearance of being slow moving and non-strenuous but we work deeply and hold the poses so I think the appearance of it being easy is deceptive.  I’m always surprised when I wake up a little stiff following these classes.

The yogaglo classes that I typically take are either restorative or yin.  Yin works to stretch the connective tissue and fascia.  Both styles of classes are excellent.  I’m lucky in that I have the time to do some restorative work most days.  In addition to my foam rolling, I think it’s the restorative/yin work that keeps me (mostly) free of injury.

Overall – all is good!

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3 Responses to Week 6 of Lauren Brook’s BeSlam

  1. Diana says:

    Nice job on the swings! Might I suggest using a “ladder” type workout to help get that 16kg in your routines more. Using ladders always seems to help when increasing up in bell size. Tracy has a ton of great workouts! I do them regularly. I love “high-volume” stuff!

    • KrisR says:

      Good idea, Diana. I started with the 16kg yesterday for my dh swings. 10 swings are fairly easy (or manageable) with the 16kg but past that – I think I will do ladders. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Diana says:

        A nice one is 5-10-15. After that, or if that’s too easy, 10-20-30. Then 10-20-30-40. Make the rest times fit your level. You can do them all “on the minute” or equal work to rest. Average pace is 10 swings per 15 seconds.
        Nice way to build some cardiac endurance is to do the whole ladder with 15 sec rest between each rung! There’s a gazillion things I could suggest~ I love this about kettlebells!
        Let me know how the ladders go!

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