Courageous woman-Brittany Gibbons

This week I read a post where a woman indicated that she couldn’t think of anything WORSE than being overweight.  I’m sure she meant it to be inspiring in some way but truly?  it made me feel sorry for her.  I can think of many many many things WORSE than being overweight.  Don’t get me started because it won’t be pretty.

I’m rather bored with blogging lately but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working out.  Tomorrow I finish week 3 of Lauren Brook’s BeSlam program.  I’m enjoying it.  My new bells also arrived and today I worked with 2x8kg on my cleans and the 20kg for deadlifts.

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3 Responses to Courageous woman-Brittany Gibbons

  1. Diana says:

    I agree…..I watched the video for about a minute, then just got pissed. I work with morbid obese people every day and the lack of accountability is incredible because we as a society now have to be “careful” with how we say things so we don’t hurt anyone’s precious feelings. Tough s**t, if we don’t start telling people the truth to set them free, they will forever live in their own bondage. People need the truth!
    The food industry has to clean up what they shove into our mouths. I see diseases of all sorts, and they are not pretty-so to say being overweight is the WORST, well just wait to see what else is coming your way, health-wise, because of your choice to stay overweight.
    For me….I’m going to keep on a swinging my kettlebells!

  2. KrisR says:

    You misunderstand my point, Diana. I am in support of this woman and this video. Yes, I believe that we should be accountable and that society as a rule is NOT accountable (to most things – not just what they eat and/or weigh). However, my point is that just because you weigh MORE than what some arbitrary group of people think you should weigh that you are LESS THAN or should be ridiculed or shamed. I find that flat out wrong.

    Just by looking at the (woman in the video) – we know nothing about her. We (society) judge her by her outsides – not by her reality. I work out 3 days a week with kettlebells, I do yoga 3-5 days a week, I walk regularly, I don’t eat crap food, I don’t eat sugar…….yet I am overweight. Hell, I’m OBESE based upon insurance scales. For someone to look at my outsides, they would think I’m a slothful pig. I’m not.

    And the woman who thinks there is nothing worse than being overweight is a personal trainer who has visible 6-pack abs. Nothing wrong with visible abs – good on her. Personally though, I don’t need that kind of judgement in my life. And, if a personal trainer is thinking that there is NOTHING worse than being overweight – well, I guess that says a lot to me. (Again, I do believe she was trying to be inspirational but it didn’t come across to me that way.)

    • Diana says:

      I slightly mis-understood! I grew up with my Mom being very overweight-easily 400lbs or more and my sister also. I have never “judged” anyone else by their weight only, I think that comes from growing up in a family that had heavy people, so I just always looked past it since it was “common” to me. Still, I know in my heart, that if someone really told my Mom the truth about weight stuff, she may very well still be here with us! No one should ever judge-we never have enough information about anyone to judge. I don’t want to be judged, why then would I judge?
      Usually being overweight is just the tip of the iceberg for lots of people as far as “issues” they must face and battle through before any kind of outward change starts! when I lost 120lbs, I dealt more with mental issues than physical ones! For that, I’m eternal grateful.

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