Don’t give up

Today I woke up stiff and sore from my BeSlam Strength2 workout.  It crossed my mind “what the frick are you doing?  You’re 54 years old for Pete’s sake!  Give up this silly kettlebell workout nonsense.  Just sit on your frickin’ ass like so many other people.”  blah blah blah.  The entire committee was in attendance.

Well, one of the first things I saw on my facebook page was this youtube video.  I needed to see it.

Piss on my committee.  And piss on my bad head-space mood.  I’m pushing forward.  I’m going to do my kettlebell workout today in spite of my stiffness.  I’ll follow it up with some restorative yoga  – not only for my body but for my mind and spirit.

I AM NOT TOO OLD.  I REFUSE TO STOP PURSUING MY GOALS.  I will respect the abilities and the issues of my body.  But I will move forward and I will continue on.

Who knows…..I might even start working on handstands.

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3 Responses to Don’t give up

  1. Good call. You’ll feel better if you work through it instead of stopping. The committee can be extra noisy some days, especially when starting something new (or during recovery, as I can attest and know you can relate to!). xoxo

  2. Reblogged this on Wild Blue Wonder and commented:
    This video is so fantastic. As is this post. We all have limitations, age related and otherwise. But we also have strengths, each of us, and not giving up is one that I think we need to harness more often. (And thank you to Kris for reminding me that I want to master handstands, too!)

  3. Diana says:

    Great video!

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