My plan of action


Photo from THIS site, Bel Kai Designs.  I want this locket.  It’s on my wish list.  ENOUGH is one of my ‘words’ for 2013.

Now, for the topic of this post….since returning from my holiday, I’ve been giving quite a bit of thought to what I want to do to get back on track.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

BeSLAM 12 week KB program by Lauren Brooks
Yoga – 2 hatha classes per week plus yin/restorative PRN
Leisure walking – either in the morning or at the beach (hold off on bush walking until hip is heeled)
Track food w/fitday (for at least a month)
Limit processed carbs, rice, potato, pasta, sugar, etc
Focus on eating protein, veg & fruit
Drink more water
I was going to weigh and measure – but I’m not going to.  I’m sticking to my guns on “no scales” and adding ‘no tape measures’.  I just re-read a blog from Nia Shanks that enforces this.  I will take a picture at the beginning of each month.  I’ll also monitor with my Thermometer pants.
Participate w/closed BeSlam FB group
Continue to blog process & results – perhaps share more thoughts/emotions?
Re-read Gillian Riley books on addictive desire and get back on track with following her methods.  Maybe find more books to read or blogs to read in this vein.
Reasons?  hip pain, blood pressure, general ‘chubbed up’ feeling.  I like feeling tight, fit and muscle-y and right now I don’t feel them.  I feel bloated.  I feel fat.  My head is fat. I’ve started to forget my motto…..I love and accept myself JUST AS I AM.  I AM ENOUGH.  I AM AT PEACE.
Goals? comfortably wear thermometer pants again THEN drop another pant size.  No specific weight goal….that always seems to cause me problems.  Instead of a specific fat loss goal, I’m more interested in dropping some pounds in general in the hope that it will lessen the aches and pains (especially in my hip and knees) that I’ve been having.
Part of me thinks this (wanting to drop another size or more fat) is a sell out to ‘society’ and the fat loss industry but I also know, intellectually, that less weight on my body means less weight on my hips and knees which are definitely causing me chronic pain lately.  I guess it’s a balance.  Wanting to lose weight isn’t BAD, it just can’t be my sole purpose for making changes.  Self-esteem, health, general wellbeing are much better goals – although they are harder to quantify.
This is not just a 3-6 month focus.  Yes, I’m increasing my focus on health, fitness and food choices – but it’s a long term focus.  These are changes that I am making.  Period.  Not just until I feel better and more fit but changes I’m making because….well, because they feel right and good and they support my desires and goals for the rest of my life.
**just want to add that I sometimes HATE wordpress.  I have paragraph breaks in this post but they don’t show up when I publish.  Pisses me off.  yeah, I know…’s the little things that get under my skin.**
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