Week 45 recap


Monday – 70 minute walk (road and bush combo)

Tuesday – 60 min yogaglo yin class

KB workout (100 warm-up swings w/12&8kg, ladder of C&P w/12kg, ladder of 1h swings w/12kg (5/5, 10/10, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5) alt w/ 30 sec planks), ladder of 2h swings w/12kg (10,15,20,15,10) alt w/goblet squats w/12kg (4,3,2,3,4), 40 dh swings w/12kg

I really enjoy doing ladders!  I’ve started writing some of these routines down on 4×6 index cards.  It makes it much easier to putting together my workouts.  Sorta like flash cards.

Wednesday – 50 min bush walk.  New route and it was wonderful!  90 minute hatha/iyengar yoga class w/Cate

Thursday – 50 min bush walk.  90 minute hatha yoga class w/Diane.  Foam rolling.

Friday – 50 minute hill walk.  Major right hip pain – time for Panadol.  Perhaps from pigeon pose (my favorite) and a lot of strap work in yoga class?


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