Week 44 Recap

Last Import - 13

Monday – 50 min walk, 60 min restorative yoga class

Tuesday – 30 min yogaglo class, 60 min walk, KB workout (100 swings w/8kg, 220 swings w/12kg, C&P ladder (5/4/3/2/1) w/8kg, Goblet squat w/8kg alt w/30 sec planks)

Wednesday – 90 min yoga class w/Cate

Thursday – 60 min bush walk, 30 min yoga on my own, joint mobility x2

Friday – 60 min bush walk, 30 min yogaglo yin class, KB workout (100 warm-up swings w/12kg, 50 dh swings w/16kg, C&P ladder (5/4) w/12kg

**first time swinging 16kg post surgery.  first time doing a C&P w/12kg**

Saturday – 60 yin yoga w/yogaglo

Sunday – 30 restorative yoga.  Stiff in my oblique areas.  Figure this must be from the C&P work that I did on Friday?  And the increased weights.  The (extreme) yin yoga class was quite a bit of shoulder and hip work so don’t think it was from that.

This is my 2nd completed week of workouts post surgery.  Everything seems to be going well and I’m feeling very positive about my workouts.  I do have a nagging question about if I’m doing too much.  Sometimes one day in between workouts doesn’t quite seem enough for recovery but yet 2 days in between workouts makes me feel like I’m a slacker.

There isn’t much information that I’ve been able to find, or many blogs or forum posts with information about middle-aged women and training.  I don’t want to over-train and increase the wear and tear on this body, but I also thoroughly enjoy my training (and walking and yoga) and so I don’t want to cut down on any of them.

I’m in a bit of a conundrum about it all and looking for answers that are appropriate to me (rather than what is appropriate for other demographics).  I suppose it’s just a matter of finding what works best for me and my life and my body.  I just wish I could find something to read about boomer women and adjustments.  Or someone to chat about it with – who has some real-life experience not just theory or projection.  I honestly don’t know of any women in the 55+ age group (in my REAL life) who work out regularly to even cuss and discuss this with.

Which brings me to yoga and adjustments…..I really want to add inversions to my yoga work but I don’t know where to start and there aren’t any instructors down here with experience with curvy, middle-aged women with high blood pressure doing headstands or shoulder-stands.

It could simply be that I’ve left it too late – that at my age and condition, I really shouldn’t even be thinking about it.  Maybe it’s not safe for me to do them?  I’m not sure.  I’ve read that inversions can be so good for you – but are they good for ME?  The thing is – I don’t have anyone to tell me that I should or shouldn’t do them.  I don’t have anyone to consult with on whether I should drop the idea or pursue it.

There is an audio seminar with Judith Hanson Lasater on yogauonline, focused on inversions so I might invest in that as a starting point.  I’ve also posted the question to Anna at Curvy Yoga.  I’m trying to gather information.

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4 Responses to Week 44 Recap

  1. Tamara says:

    I hope you get some answers about inversions. I’m a bit curious, too! As for overtraining right now, I think you just have to listen to your body and trust it. If you’re questioning it at all, that might be a sign you need to take a little more rest (between KB workouts, at least). Just a thought. xo

  2. Diana says:

    It sounds to me like you’re doing just fine with your workouts! I like doing my KB’s as ladders or for time. I love doing 10-20-30-40 for as many rounds as I can. I do 2-handed swings most of the time. This is an easy 100 reps. The best way to start this is to do it equal work/rest ratio. I consider 10 swings per 15 seconds. So, you have 10 swings that take 15 seconds. Then I rest for 15 seconds. I then do the 20 swings which takes 30 seconds. I then rest for 30 seconds and then do the 30 swings which takes 45 seconds. I rest 45 seconds and then finish off with the 40 swings which takes 1 minute. I rest for 1 minute and start over. This goes super fast and it’s a great way to pound out high reps….I got this from my good friend Tracy! I will usually do 5 sets depending on the weight. Using the 12kg, for me, I can do more sets. But I’m just getting really serious about KB’s again and with the 16kg I can manage 5-8 sets. I won’t go over 10 sets, which comes out to 1,000 swings because then it’s just a mute point! Time to move up a bell size then! Once things get too easy with this workout, you can also adjust the “rest” time…..I will tend to just keep every rest time at 20-30 seconds.
    As far as conversion goes…..I know nothing! But, I would think if you were to lay on your bed and hang off the edge of it from the waist down that that may simulate it somewhat and give you some idea of how you can handle it??? I have had vertigo in the past and I have to do some crazy moves for it every now and then, so I’m used to hanging off my bed but not from boots completely upside down! Sorry, I can’t help with that!
    Middle aged training I think gets NO press! No one talks about it…..if they do, they all say because we’re old we should be careful and not hurt our bones! I feel, and I have seen some studies out there about it, we need to lift as heavy as we can! Bodyweight is great as well. I love farmer’s walks and rack walks and lifting heavy tires. I love carrying bags of bird seed or water softener salt bags around-or whatever. I love lifting heavy! It’s great for our bones!
    I hope this helped some-didn’t mean to babble this much!
    If you ever want to talk about KB’s in any way…feel free to email me and I’ll give you my cell number.
    email: behrend@charter.net

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