Yin Yoga


I love yin yoga.

Started my day with 60 minutes of yogaglo yin w/Felicia Tomasko.  Why don’t I do this every day?  Oh……the time factor…..and ‘cuz I like to walk in the mornings.

One thing I’ve discovered about yogaglo is their APP function.  I can download up to 10 classes onto our iPad.  It will be very handy for when we travel.

If I ever decided to do a yoga teacher training course – I think it would be a yin yoga focused one.  Not that I’m thinking about it.  Well, not REALLY.  I’m not interested in teaching but I think a teacher training course would be good for learning and I’m always interested in learning.  Maybe what I need to look for is a Yin Yoga retreat.  Or a restorative yoga retreat.  Basically – ANY yoga retreat would be wonderful, I’m sure.


Another thing I love, but don’t get a chance to do often is labyrinths.  Walking labyrinths. I’ve only done a couple but loved the meditative quality of it.  I went to two in New Harmony, Indiana about 15 years ago.  One of my first solo holidays.  I stayed at the New Harmony Inn.  Did I mention how fabulous it was?

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