Week 43 Recap


Monday – TR 2013 #3 (100 swings w/8kg, 200 swings w/12kg), 3×30 sec planks, 60 min restorative yoga class

Tuesday – 60 min yogaglo class, 60 min walking around town

Wednesday – 70 min bush walk, TR 2013 #4, 3×30 sec planks

Thursday – 90 min hatha yoga class, 60 min bush walk  **some lower right back/flank discomfort**

Friday – 40 min restorative yoga  **postponed planned workout until Saturday due to back pain**

Saturday – 400 swings w/12kg bell, 30 joint mobility/stretching, foam rolling  **This is my 4th workout since my 6 weeks surgery recovery.  I felt like I was pushing it a little today as my form slipped toward the end of some long sets – especially the couple 45 sec work to rest cycles.  Tracy Reifkind posted her “50” workout and I tried to do it but I’m not there yet.  I could do the warm-up….does that count?  She is one fit woman.  She blows me away.  I watched her snatch and jerk videos today with amazement.

Sunday – 30 min restorative yoga w/Sean Corne via yogaglo

My head seems to be playing tricks with me.  I FEEL chubby – less lean than I did before surgery.  My pants fit though.  Even my capri pants that were tight-ish at the end of summer feel surprisingly comfortable.  I hate it when my head lies to me.  I know I have body-dismorphia.  It comes from years of dieting.  Years of self-loathing.  Years of not trusting myself.

It was suggested to me that I was “obsessed” with weight and/or weight loss.  I don’t think I am though.  Unless it’s in a reverse sort of way.  I don’t weigh.  I don’t focus on my weight.  I truly try to accept myself for exactly where I am yet continue to strive to be stronger, more fit and yes – honestly – weigh less.  Not for aesthetics though.  More because I think I would be healthier.  I don’t think I’m UN-healthy but I think if I weighed less, if I removed more fat from this 54 year-young-body, I’d be healthier and would lessen the wear and tear.

One struggle I’m having post surgery is stomach distress.  This probably falls into the TMI category but usually about 4pm I have horrible bloating and gas.  My plan for this next week is to track what and when I’m eating and try to determine if this stomach distress is related to specific foods or if it’s just a general side effect of no longer having a gallbladder.  I also need to do some Doctor Google-ing to find out if this is typical or not post gallbladder surgery.  You know it’s not good if I’m willing to give up eating specific foods I love in order to not have the pain.  My first thought is that it might be milk related – if so – I will NOT be happy to give up my cappuccino.

Just rambling…..I’ll stop for now.

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