Week 41 Recap


Monday – 60 min AM walk, 60 min restorative yoga class.

Tuesday – 60 min AM walk

Wednesday – 50 min AM walk, 90 min hatha/iyengar yoga class

Thursday – 60 min AM walk

Friday – 50 min AM walk, 60 min yogaglo yin class w/focus on shoulders

Saturday – zip, zero, zilch

Sunday – 15 min yogaglo sun salutations class, 45 yogaglo restorative yoga class

Plan for next week:  Finally – on Wednesday I’ll be 6 weeks post surgery and I can start swinging my bells again!  Plan for the week is to continue working on my morning sun salutations.  It didn’t go so well this last week.  My goal is to do a sun salutation class each morning (20-30 minute classes) before I go for my morning walk.  Mid-week I’ll start doing kettlebells and TGU again.  I’ll start slow and easy rather than balls-to-the-wall.

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