Week 40 recap


On Wednesday, it will be 4 weeks since my gallbladder surgery.  No lifting or swinging my bells until the 6 week mark.

Plan for this week:

Walking:  50-60 minute morning bush walks.  Rain is projected all week so may need to be creative or modify this goal.

Yoga:  Plan to do 3 classes this week (restorative on Monday, Iyengar style Wednesday night and Hatha on Thursday.  I also want to do a short (15-20 minute) sun salutation practice each morning.  This is truly a challenge for me.  Firstly, I don’t really like sun salutations.  Secondly, although I do some yoga most days- I really struggle to do yoga first thing in the morning.  My hope is to establish a morning sun salutation habit – more as a warm-up to the day than for any other reason.

Meditation:  I’ve scheduled in a 15-20 minute yogaglo meditation for each day this week.  Although I meditate each day (usually seated mindfulness for 30 minutes and 30-45 minutes of yoga nidra), I want to try some focused meditations.  Variety is good.

I’m starting to sort through ideas of how to get back into my strength routine once I hit the 6 week mark.  I’m looking at Lauren Brook’s BeSlam program and also at Pavel’s ETK.  The real problem is that I have quite a bit of travel in my future (8 weeks or so) and will have limited access to kettle bells or other workout equipment so I need to factor that in also.

Monday: 70 min bush walk (it felt effortless this morning!), 60 min restorative yoga class, 30 min sun salutation/standing pose w/yogaglo

Tuesday: 20 min sun salutation class w/yogaglo, 30 min yin yoga w/yogaglo, 20 minute walk

Wednesday:  60 min bush walk, 90 minute Iyengar-style yoga class.

Thursday:  50 min bush walk, 90 minute hatha yoga class

Friday:  ummmmmm……nothing.  I even slacked off on meditation and only did about 20 minutes.  I was stiff and achy in my body.  I had a headache off and on all day.  I could have pushed myself but I didn’t.  I just chilled.

Saturday:  60 minutes yogaglo (one class on sun salutations, one on hip openers)

Sunday:  Bad night of sleep last night.  Awake off and on all night with hip pain.  Panadol w/15mg codeine didn’t even help.  50 minutes restorative yoga.

Plan for next week is the same…..walking and yoga (with sun salutation focus).  Wednesday is the 5 week mark.  Decided today to wait on starting the BeSlam program until after my holiday.  That way, I can start the 12 week program and complete it without interruption.

Once I can swing my bells again (10 days but who’s counting?), I’m going to do Tracy Reifkind’s 2013 swing routines.  She came up with 3 or 4 various routines at the beginning of the year.  Each routine is about 200-300 swings so I can combine them if I want to do more.  That will help me build up my strength and calluses prior to my RKC snatch sessions.

Now though?  It’s time to feed the 11 horses that I am ‘babysitting’ for a neighbor and then settle in for the Rugby Union semi-final between the Chiefs and the Brumbies.  GO BRUMBIES!


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