What pisses me off?


Time for a little rant…..

It pisses me off when people judge others on looks.

Case in point:  I’m having my hair cut/colored last week and the hairdresser and I are talking about local yoga classes.  We’ve been to several of the same teachers.  She dissed one of the teachers as being “more out of shape than I am”.

Yes, the hairdresser is thin.  She has a slim figure that many women aspire to.  From what I can see – she doesn’t have much for muscle and based upon our conversations, she has no endurance to even walk a mile without stopping and wanting to call for someone to come and pick her up.

The yoga instructor?  She’s an average sized woman (maybe a size 10?  12?) but she has muscle and tone that won’t stop.  She rocks yoga poses with style and grace.

Me?  I’m overweight.  Yup.  Even though I’ve lost (and kept off) a good amount of weight over the last 5 years, to look at me – a person would think I sit around, watch TV and eat cupcakes all day long.

To look at me they wouldn’t see the 60 minute bush walks I do 4-5 days a week.  They wouldn’t see my awesome Warrior I, Triangle or Pigeon pose.  They wouldn’t know that I can swing a 16kg kettlebell like no one’s business (when I’m not recovering from surgery at least).

They would judge me on what they SEE and all they would see is that I’m fat.

And that pisses me off.

However – it only pisses me off for a second or two because after that – I simply don’t have time for it.  Or them.  They can piss off.  Or they can feel my muscles.

Wanna feel my muscle?


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One Response to What pisses me off?

  1. Diana says:

    Wow! That was a pretty shallow statement from your hairdresser! Sad that people can’t tame their tongues!
    I surely wouldn’t worry about what her judgements of you were……people will always judge us, no matter what and I’ve come to learn that what people think of me is between them and God and absolutely NONE of my business!
    Some people tend to struggle because they only see the public highlighted reel of people and quickly judge without knowing their true behind the scenes hardships!
    I’m thankful that I listen to myself instead of listening to the noise of the world!

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