Week 39 recap

Monday – 60 min road walk.  MD appointment.  No bells until the 6 week mark (3 weeks to go).  All is going well with recovery but to keep risk of hernia low, the advice is to not lift or do strength training for the full 6 weeks.

Tuesday – 50 min road walk, 60 yin yoga w/yogaglo

Wednesday – 60 min bush walk (YES!  Back to the hilly bush walks!), 60 restorative yoga

Thursday – nothing.  Had an 8 hour day quilting with my quilt peeps and simply didn’t have time to fit anything else in.

Friday – 60 min bush walk

Saturday – 60 min yoga, joint mobility x2, foam rolling.  I’m feeling VERY good.  I’m at the 3 1/2 week mark and seriously feel ready to do more but am holding back per doctor’s orders.

Food is back in line with how I want to eat (lean & green!).  Had a rough couple weeks of somewhat unrestrained eating but feel that is in my past (for now).

Sunday – 20 min AM yoga, 45 min restorative yoga

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One Response to Week 39 recap

  1. Diana says:

    Great news! It is hard not lifting, but so worth it in the end! Glad you’re feeling good!

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