Week 38 recap


Monday – Started the day with a 25 minute road walk.  Kept to the flat areas.  Didn’t go bush walking with the girls – just said hello and waved them off when they headed up the hill and into the bush.  It’s now 4 hours later and seriously?  I’m surprised at how exhausted I am.  I think because overall I feel so good, that I tend to forget that I’m less than 2 weeks out of surgery.  I need to allow my body to heal.  I might not have visible areas to heal but obviously my internal areas need to heal and it takes energy and rest.  I’m listening!  To my body and to my supporters who are encouraging me to take it easy.

I planned to go to a restorative yoga class today but I just simply don’t have the energy to drive into town.  I’ll do my own restorative yoga in front of the fire this afternoon.

Tuesday – 35 minute flat road walk

Wednesday – 40 minute flat road walk.  Did the hill today.  Was exhausted and moving slow when I came up the drive-way.

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class (about 60 minutes of actual asana work).  Went pretty well until the standing and twisting poses.  Backed off on several while ‘listening’ to my body.

Eating has been for shit for the last week.  It’s time to clean it up before it get’s out of hand.  I’ll be backing off the starches and grains and increasing the protein, veg & fruit.  Bottom line is that I don’t feel good when I’m overeating starchy/grainy products.

I think it’s been a bit of a back-lash from months of not feeling full or satisfied while babying my gallbladder.  Now that I don’t have gallbladder problems – I seem to have unconsciously given myself the go-ahead to eat whatever I want.  Which, eating whatever I want is fine as long as it doesn’t cross over into binge or disordered eating.

I think I’m at the line of binge eating – especially when I dive into breads and sugar products or ‘sneak’ food (who am I sneaking it from?).  Anyway…..time to get back to eating in a manner that is healthy for me.  It’s not the weight – it’s how I feel – and I don’t FEEL good this week.

Might be time to re-read Gillian Riley’s book again.  That always seems to pull me back into eating in a manner than is healthy for me.

Friday – 45 minute road walk.  Stiff from yoga yesterday but no new pain or discomfort.

Saturday – 60 minute restorative yoga class, Joint Mobility x2, foam rolling and stretching in front of rugby

Sunday – nothing

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One Response to Week 38 recap

  1. Diana says:

    I think that’s the biggest obstacle in lap surgeries….there really isn’t a big incision to heal, it’s all inside stuff that heals and we never really think we need to rest because we don’t see that big incision!
    Nice job taking it easy! Lots of walking is great!

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