Scott from Rdella Training

Kettlebell Workout

I like this guy.

I listen to his podcasts regularly (he’s on itunes).

This little video is worth watching.   It covers what he believes are the top 7 most important kettlebell exercises.

I REALLY REALLY want to learn the snatch.  I have plans to have a couple PT sessions while on holiday later this year with an RKC/SFG near where I will be staying.  We’re going to focus on the snatch.  I’m a little concerned about learning it on my own because of the bleeding issues I have on my forearms.

First things first though…..getting strong enough post-surgery to start swinging my bells again.  Two weeks until my doctor visit when I can get an answer as to when I can start training again.  Two weeks.  I can do ANYTHING for two weeks!  Well…..not REALLY – but I can practice patience for the next 2 weeks.  🙂

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3 Responses to Scott from Rdella Training

  1. Diana says:

    I like Rdella too-good stuff! I was so glad to read you’ll be learning how to snatch from a RKC/SFG! It’s a tricky move and once it’s learned, it’s a great addition to kettlebell training! My favorite move of all.
    My plan, for myself and my situation, will be slow and steady. I can “feel” slight pain/pressure just lifting a full laundry basket right now! I will have to use my 8kg and I plan to just do swings. Just for a short time-like 5-10 minutes max to start and I will just have to listen to my body. I’m gonna start doing most of the moves “naked” and not in the lack of clothing sense! I’ll start with BW squats, get-ups and even “air” swings just to see how things feel with that “hip-snap”.
    Your return should be a little easier, I’m sure your doctor won’t have a clue what to tell you….Just listen to your body, but DO listen to your doctor in regards to how long before you can lift. Probably a good 4 weeks for sure!
    The hardest thing I’ve EVER had to train (and yes, even more than my RKC weekend!) was patience! But, it’s been one of the things that needed training!
    If you ever have any questions in regards to your training-feel free!

    • KrisR says:

      I was thinking to start ‘naked’ also. I’ll be watching what you do and learning and adjusting as necessary.

      I’m a total believer in RKC/SFG – I just think their techniques are the best. If I was younger and fitter, I would be tempted to try a RKC/SFG certification. Instead, I’ll just be trained by them when I can be. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is 2 hours away.

      • Diana says:

        2 hours is a drive, no doubt, but it would be time well spent….even just once in a while to get the basics and then to double check technique. Once you get that “muscle memory” in check, it’s all good!

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