Week 36 Recap


Monday – 60 minute bush walk, 60 minute restorative yoga class

Tuesday – 60 minute bush walk

Wednesday – Gallbladder surgery

Thursday – Released from hospital about mid-day and traveled the 3 1/2 hours home.  Not feeling too poorly.  Groggy and some discomfort but no extreme pain.

Friday – Recovery mode.  Moving slowly but relatively pain free except when getting up and down from chairs or in and out of bed.  Surprised to read discharge papers that I’m not to drive for 4-6 weeks.  Will chat with MD about that when I see him on Monday.  If I continue to feel this good, I’m guessing I’ll be out walking next week.

Saturday – Have gone the last 12 hours without any pain meds – not even Panadol.  Sore and stiff but no intense pain.  While on the pain meds, my hip pain also went away.  It will be interesting to see if it returns once the pain meds clear my system.  I’ll continue to take it easy today and tomorrow but if I continue to improve and feel this good, I think I’ll be on the road walking come Monday or Tuesday.  Even though I know the doctor won’t want me lifting/swinging for several weeks, hopefully he’ll give me the go-ahead for yoga when I see him on Monday.

Sunday – I am tired.  I am weary.  A trip to the grocery store wore me out.  Discomfort but not pain.  Stomach is a bit upset.  Middle back is achey.  Took 2 Panadol before bed last night and slept 6 hours.  Plan to spend time on the couch in front of the fire napping today.  Feel a bit like a baby but I guess it’s only been 3 days since surgery so I should cut myself some slack.

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4 Responses to Week 36 Recap

  1. Diana says:

    Having surgery via laproscopic never seems like major surgery because we have no huge slice across our bellys. BUT….having a gallbladder removed IS major surgery. For one thing, other organs have to be moved out of the way in order to get to the gallbladder. Organs DON’T like to be moved around! You may feel 90% greatness, and I’m totally speaking from experience here, but doing more than you should WILL kick your arse!
    I was only restricted from driving for one week, not sure why you were told 4-6 weeks. I would think 1 week should be enough. It’s hard to restrict normal daily activities, but it does definitely help the recovery when we actually listen to our doctors and bodies! For this week, I would definitely just kick back and read a book or two, by next week, walking should be allowed. Just wait till you get that first walk, you’re gonna feel SO, SO good and plan on an hour long walk, only to realize you’re completely exhausted after 15-20 minutes!
    Prayers for a good recovery!

    • KrisR says:

      Thanks for the words of wisdom and experience, Diana. I needed to hear that it was major surgery because overall, I feel quite good so I ALMOST feel like I’m being lazy. Taking your words to heart!

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