Week 34


Monday – Back to the Lauren Brook’s Kettlebells for Women program.  I’m starting at month 2.  Today was Tabata 2 plus 3 rounds of Joint Mobility.  I hate Tabata but it’s over and done with before you know it so I really shouldn’t complain.  I did the sh swings with the 12kg and the dh with the 16kg.  I DESPISE squat thrusts but did them anyway.  I tried the jumping jacks but they hurt my knee so I substituted pushups.  All to a 20 second work/10 second rest.

I also had a lovely beach walk and threw in an hour of yogaglo for good measure.  I just felt like I had the energy to do more since I had taken 2 days of rest over the weekend.

Tuesday – 60 min bush walk in AM, PM workout:  3 30/30 rounds of (chest press w/12kg,  clean & squat w/8kg, alt swings w/12kg) then 3 20/10 rounds of (pullover to crunch w/8kg, Russian twist w/12kg, mini-plank, farmer walks w/12&8kg), JM x2

Wednesday – 60 min bush walk in AM, JMx2, 20 min yogaglo hip opener, foam rolling & stretches in front of Rugby

Thursday – 60 min bush walk, 3x (3/3 bodyweight windmill, 5/5 bodyweight single deadlift, 12 alt swings w/12kg), 3x 20/20 (goblet squat w/8kg, push-up, single arm row w/8kg, high pull w/8kg), 3x 20/20 (Russian twist w/12kg, mini-plank).

A friend who is a massage therapist indicated that she thought working with 8, 12 & 16kg kettlebells was TOO heavy.  I suppose without proper training/education, she may be right but I feel totally comfortable with these weights.  Actually, once I recover from my surgery, a 20kg kettlebell will be finding its way to my home.  🙂  I LOVE my kettle bells!

Friday – 50 min bush walk.  I just couldn’t NOT go for my morning walk this morning. 50 min yin yoga.

Saturday – 3x sit-up get-up, 3x TGU, JMx2, 2x (3R/3L bottom-up clean w/8kg, 8 goblet squat w/12, 20 2hs w/16), 2x (5R/5L tall kneeling press w/8kg, 10 bicep curl w/8kg, 8 tricep extension w/8kg, 10L/10R high pull w/8kg)

Sunday – JM x2, Tabata 2 (I hate Tabata!), 30 restorative yoga

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One Response to Week 34

  1. Diana says:

    Great looking week, I’m jealous!
    Even though your massage therapist is also a friend, never let anyone tell you you’re lifting TOO heavy! That’s the un-healthy thoughts of the world today-saying we woman should just use those cute little pink 1-2lb weights…..grrrrr. Makes me so made! If those weights feel comfortable, keep it up! Love that you mentioned a 20kg will soon be in your future! I have up to 24kg’s in my personal collection and I so miss them!

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