Week 33 recap

Muscle Evo Manifesto

Monday – 60 min bush walk, kettlebell ladder of dh, sh & transfers w/12 & 16kg (315 swings total), 30 min foam rolling & yoga stretches

Tuesday – 50 min road walk, 5/5 static lunges/split squats w/8kg (I’ve seen these called both), 3/3 1/2TGU to kneeling w/8kg, 3x core sequence (10 Russian twists, 40 sec forearm plank, 10 overhead crunches), 30 min yogaglo w/Marc Holzman – strengthen and prepare to balance – focus on core & legs.

Hips are hurting more lately – not sure why.  Hill/bush walking?  Will spend time tonight w/foam rolling & hip opening stretches.

Wednesday – 60 min bush walk

Thursday – 60 min yin yoga, 50 min bush walk – took a new route.  VERY hilly and boggy.  Came home with a tick and a leach.  Enjoyed the walk though!  Planned to swing my bells later in the day but ran out of time.  Will get my 2nd kettlebell workout done tomorrow with the 3rd on Sunday.

Friday – KB ladder workout-365 swings (5×10 dh warmup w/12kg, dh 10-15 ladder w/16kg alternating with 6-1 pushup ladder, sh 5/5-10/10 ladder w/12kg alternating w/ 6-1 squat ladder, 5×10 dh w/12kg. 5×10 swing/transfer w/8kg for cooldown).

Saturday – rest day.  Will do some foam rolling and yoga stretches in front of rugby this afternoon.  I pulled a muscle in the back of my left leg yesterday.  I wouldn’t say I’m in PAIN but I am in DISCOMFORT.  Will take it easy today.  My quads are quite tender today also – I suppose from the squat ladder yesterday.

Sunday – another rest and recovery day.  Did 60 minutes of restorative yoga.

I’ve decided to cycle back to Lauren Brook’s Kettlebell for Women program.  I’m going to start with the 2nd month, week 6.

Still no surgery date.  Will call the surgeon this week to check on where I am on the list.  No attacks so I’m not stressed about it or losing patience or anything – I just need it done with plenty of time to recover before our holiday later in the year.

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