Non-professional fitness blogs that I like


Now that Google is doing away with their reader function – I need to find another place to put the blogs that I read.  In the meantime, I’ll list them here on my sidebar so that at least I can manually go to them.

This list will be of the warriors in the trenches with me – those people that are pursuing with dedication their own fitness goals.  Some are updated more regularly than others – some have a kettlebell focus where others are just general health and fitness (physical, mental, emotional) related.

A plate full of  Crazy


Diary of an angry fat woman

Lynn’s Weigh


One Lovely Run

Rosie Molinary


Tess Hunt

That little kettlebell woman

This is not a diet – this is my life

Tracy Reifkind – she deserves to be in BOTH categories!

Wild Blue Wonder


And a few more professional ones that I didn’t list before:


Jen Comas Keck

Tracy Reifkind – although she’s also a professional, it feels to me like she’s more a WARRIOR – she’s been where I am and has true understanding.

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One Response to Non-professional fitness blogs that I like

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for the “shout-out”….I appreciate that! Sorry to hear there is still no surgery date for you. I’ve just finished a full week of being home and have started to walk….slow and short, but none the less, it’s a walk! I miss my bells, I miss throwing heavy stuff around, I miss the sweat a good kb workout can give. I’m starting to have arms like my grandmother did-wavy, very wavy!

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