Week 31 Recap

Monday – 60 min AM bush walk, 60 min restorative yoga class

Tuesday – 60 min AM bush walk, 360 swings w/12kg (TR #11), 1 round of core sequence w/8kg (Russian Twist, mini-plank, overhead crunch), foam rolling

Surgeon called today.  Still no surgery date.  Cancer patients have priority – totally understandable.

Wednesday – 60 min extreme yin yoga, 60 min bush walk (the hills are getting easier and easier!  It’s time to find my gloves though- frost will be on the ground soon.

Thursday – 50 min road walk

Friday – Short on time today so did a down and dirty KB workout (dh & goblet squat ladder w/16kg & sh & plank ladder w/12kg) (70 dh swings, 16 goblet squat, 90 sh swings, 5x30s planks), joint mobility for warm-up and cool-down. Foam rolling in front of rugby.

Sat & Sun – A small amount of walking (maybe 30 minutes each day) plus standing on my feet from 9:30-4:30 doing a painting workshop.


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