Week 30 recap


I’ve been doing this for 30 weeks already?  Where is the finish line?  Shouldn’t I be further along my path than I am?  🙂  JUST KIDDING!  Since surgery was postponed – I’m back to swinging my bells this week.

Monday:  60 min bush walk

Tuesday:  60 min bush walk, 570 swings (TR #10 workout from The Swing – used 12kg bell, sh, dh, sw/tr & tr)

Wednesday: 60 min bush walk, 60 min yin yoga w/ yogaglo.

Stiff and achy today after my 570 swings yesterday.  Did not feel like doing my walk this morning but got up and did it anyway.  Think I overdid it with the swings though because I have a blister on the palm of my left hand.  Haven’t had a blister from swings in a long time.

Thursday:  90 minute yoga class, 5/5 lunges, 3/3 1/2 TGU w/8kg, JM x3, core sequence (3 sets of 10 Russian Twists w/8kg, 6 mini-planks & 10 overhead crunches w/8kg), foam rolling in front of TV

Friday: 60 minute AM bush walk

2 sets – first with the 8kg then the 12kg
10 dh swings + 2 goblet squats
15 dh swings + 3 goblet squats
20 dh swings + 4 goblet squats
15 dh swings + 3 goblet squats
10 dh swings + 2 goblet squats

then 6 sets of 10 dh swings w/16kg

then 3 sets of 10 sw/tr w/8kg as a cool down

total 260 swings & 28 goblet squats

Feeling it in my abs today from my core workout yesterday.

Saturday:  60 min yin yoga, 2x joint mobility

Sunday:  60 min restorative yoga, 360 swings

2 single hand swing ladder (1x8kg, 1x12kg) (5R/5L, 10R/10L, 15R/15L, 10R/10L, 5R/5L), 60 dh w/16kg, 100 swing/transfer w/8kg

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