Week 29 recap


Sunday – 30 hatha yoga, 60 yin yoga, 2x joint mobility, 5/5 lunge, 3/3 TGU naked, 2 sets of (10 Russian Twists, 10 crunch/extensions, 6 mini-planks)

Monday – 60 minute bush walk, 60 min restorative yoga class, 500 swings (dh, sh, transfers w/ 8 & 12).

Tuesday – 30 minutes yogaglo

Wednesday – 60 minute bush walk, 380 swings (TR #8 – dh, sh, transfers – all but the first sh swings with the 12kg.  Using the 12kg with the final set of 40 swings (dh, sh & tr/sw) proved to be difficult and I felt it pulling in my lat/back so I stopped 3 sets short of the actual routine.)

Thursday – Travel day

Friday – beach walk, 15k bike ride

Saturday – 15k bike ride

Sunday – rest day

Find myself on a bit of a slippery slope with my eating since Thursday.  It’s time to acknowledge it and clean things up before I have a binge.  It’s time to re-read Gillian Riley’s books and start being diligently aware of my addictive desire again and not responding to it.

With this gallbladder issue – it’s been hard to figure out what to eat.  Some things set me off into a pain episode but they don’t ALWAYS set me off so I’m not 100% convinced that there is a food related factor.  However, vegetables and fruit don’t set it off.  I THINK my protein shakes set me off.  Eggs sometimes set me off.  Mr. W is on soft food (lots of pasta) because of a dental issue so between the two of us, cooking can be very creative.

My surgery has been postponed – probably for another 2 weeks at least (surgeon emergency) so I’ve another 2 weeks to swing my bells.  Plan to continue on with Tracy Reifkind’s swing program three times a week.

Onwards and upwards.

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2 Responses to Week 29 recap

  1. Diana says:

    I so remember those “gallbladder” days….you have NO idea what to eat and what not to eat! At least you’ve seen the positive side in having to wait another 2 weeks….you get to swing!
    I hope all goes well!

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