Week 28 recap


Sunday 21st – 60 minutes yogaglo

Monday 22nd – Gallbladder attack.  On the couch, under the influence of pain meds all day.

Tuesday 23rd – 60 minute bush walk, Tracy Reifkind WO#6 (450 dh & sh swings w/8,12 & 16kg bells)

Wednesday 24th – 60 minutes yogaglo

Thursday 25th – 50 min road walk, 90 minute yoga class

Friday 26th – 60 min bush walk, Tracy Reifkind WO#7 (450 dh & sh swings w/8 & 12kg bells), 40 min restorative yoga

Saturday 27th – 60 min yogaglo.  Another gallbladder attack – I’ll be glad when this sucker is OUT!

Plan for this next week:  Continue with Tracy’s swing workouts (8, 9 & 10), add back in 2 days of 5/5 lunges, 3/3 TGU & Lauren Brook’s core sequence (Russian Twists, mini planks & crunch extensions).  I’ll probably do a couple bush walks and a couple restorative yoga sessions if I can fit them into my schedule (my mental & emotional fitness sessions!).  Plus, I’ll do some foam rolling and some joint mobility work most nights in front of the TV.

Oh, and I have a 30k (return) bike trip planned.  I haven’t rode a bike for nearly 15 years but a girlfriend and I are having a couple days away and she wants to go on a bike ride.  I did a test run last week to make sure I still knew how to ride (I did – I guess what they say is right….you never forget).  I’m sure my ass cheeks will be sore the next day or so but I’m actually looking forward to it!

I’m also hoping to work on my links section.  There are several people’s blogs that I want to list on my sidebar – I just haven’t made the time to get it done.  This week.  I might do a separate link list on yoga related sites if I get a chance.


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