The Media Diet

It’s time we stop hating on ourselves. Thanks Kate for another excellent blog post. I’m so close to ‘unliking’ several Facebook sites that no longer resonate with me and my ‘middle ground’ thoughts on food and fitness. Thanks for being a voice of reason. 🙂

This is Not a Diet

I’ve been a larger person for the great majority of my life.  I’ve never experienced being someone who has teeny little invisible-to-others flaws they pick apart in the mirror.  In fact, for most of my adult life I thought it would just be fantastic to wear a size 14 so I could shop somewhere that sold clothes I liked.  I never coveted a “thigh gap” or a stomach with so little fat you could see my abdominal muscles.  I thought it would be great if my thighs didn’t chafe when I walked from all the rubbing.

The closest I ever got to the nit-picking your body phase was at the end of my weight-loss and the year that followed.  I flew past original goals, to wear that size 14 and be able to walk anywhere I wanted to without getting out of breath or chafing my thighs.  I was wearing…

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