Is it REALLY possible?

KB on Da Beach

photo from prodigalaltarboy

Is it possible to eat a ‘normal’ amount of food and still lose fat and/or change your body composition?  I’d really like to believe the message that GoKaleo puts out there…..that I CAN eat the food and still make progress towards a smaller, more fit body.

When I use the calorie calculator that Amber recommends, the amount of calories it indicates I should be eating is well over 2500.  That just simply seems like a huge number – especially in lieu of all the dogma to reduce to 1200/1500 calories.

I spent 2 days tracking my numbers with Fitday a couple weeks ago and I just don’t know……eating this amount of food – even though it’s not processed foods – seems like there is just no way I will lose weight eating like this.

I’ve also been tracking my activity this week.  Just to get a feel for how much of the day I sit and how much I actually MOVE and do things.  I do a lot of sitting.

Since I don’t use a ‘random number generator’ (aka the scale) it’s difficult to know if I’m gaining or losing in the short term.  In the long haul – I’m definitely losing or at least changing my body shape based upon the fit of my clothes.

I’ll continue with the experiment of eating REAL food and REASONABLE amounts but it really is hard for me to be convinced that this will work.  So many people cut to the 1200-1500 mark in order to drop pounds.  And, it seems to work for them.  At least in the short haul.  I’m looking at the long haul though……40 years of dieting has brought me to this point so I totally know that a DIET (in the typical definition of diet) isn’t the solution for me.

The entire food conundrum can be confusing.

For those interested, in addition to Go Kaleo on Facebook, I find great value in the group “EAT THE FOOD” and from ‘This is not a diet – this is your life”.  All three seem to have found the middle ground rather than taking fitness or diet to the extreme level.

I’m in hope of finding and staying in the middle ground.  I could care less about ‘six pack abs’ or a specific weight or size.  I heard or read something the other day that made sense to me.  Someone was asked what they were training for….the answer?  LIFE.  Yup.  That’s what I’m ‘training’ for with my kettlebells, walking, yoga and meditation.  LIFE.  I love that answer.

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