Week 26 recap


Monday – 50 min walk, 100 2hs w/12kg, 80 1hs w/8kg

Tuesday – LB WO #8 (1/2 TGU, TGU, bottom-up cleans, goblet squat, 2hs, kneeling press, bicep curl, tricep extension, high pull), warm-up/cool-down, 5/5 lunges, 1 hour of restoration yoga

Wednesday – 40 min walk

Thursday – 60 min walk, 30 yin yoga

Friday – 60 min walk, LB WO#9 (windowsill pushups, goblet squat, suitcase deadlift, 2hs, pullover crunch, Russian twist, plank), 5/5 lunge

Saturday – JMx2, 30 min yogaglo, 60 min foam rolling/stretching

Sunday – 30 min walk, 100 dh swings (50 w/12kg, 50 w/16kg), 160 sh swings (100 w/8kg, 60 w/12kg), 30 min restorative yoga

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