Week 25 recap

14 Feb 2011 365 project

(photo from creativelycreated.blogspot.com)

Hard to believe I’ve been tracking for 25 weeks already.  Nearly 1/2 a year.  It keeps me accountable but sometimes I think I’ll take a blogging break.  But, it keeps me accountable.  🙂  (oh, did I mention that already? ha!)

This week I started Level 2 of Lauren Brook’s Kettlebells for Women program.  It’s certainly harder.  I have had DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) all week – which I didn’t have with Level 1.  In a good way though – not miserable.

Monday – April 1:  JMx2, Tabata 2.  I hate tabata workouts.  Not sure why because they are over and done with almost before they start.

Tuesday – April 2:  60 min bush walk, WO #6 (chest press, clean & squat, alt swings, pullover to crunch, Russian twist, mini plank, farmers walk)

Wednesday – April 3:  50 min bush walk, JM x2, 3/3 naked TGU

Thursday – April 4:  WO #7 (windmill, single leg dl, alt swings, goblet squat, pushup, single arm row, high pull, Russian twist, mini-plank), 5/5 unweighted lunges)

Friday – April 5:  Rest Day.  Thank goodness.  I need one.  I’m very tired this week.  60 min bush walk at daybreak (I love this time of day!), restorative yoga

Saturday – April 6:  5/5 lunge, WO #8 – 3 sets (1/2 TGU, TGU, clean, goblet squat, 2hs, press, bicep curl, tricep extension, high pull)

Sunday – April 7:  60 min yin yoga (feet focused), 60 min restorative yoga (legs up wall, savasana, supported recliner pose, supported child pose), JMx2. Schedule called for Tabata 2 workout but I HATE Tabata so I opted to haul and stack 11 wheelbarrows of wood (a UTE load) instead.  It was pleasant doing it while the sun was shining.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the surgeon to determine if a gallbladder surgery is in my future.  I’m not looking forward to surgery but I am looking forward to being able to eat without gas, nausea and pain.  I had 2 attacks today – both after eating.  There doesn’t seem to be any correlation to what I’m eating versus what brings on attacks though….today it was after my morning porridge and this afternoon after a blueberry/banana protein shake.

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