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Week 28 recap

Sunday 21st – 60 minutes yogaglo Monday 22nd – Gallbladder attack.  On the couch, under the influence of pain meds all day. Tuesday 23rd – 60 minute bush walk, Tracy Reifkind WO#6 (450 dh & sh swings w/8,12 & 16kg bells) … Continue reading

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Motivation I have none. Zip Zero Zilch I seem to be in a kettlebell slump. As much as I profess to love working out with kettlebells – I simply am struggling to do it this week. I’ve DONE my workouts … Continue reading

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Week 27 recap

I ended the week last week with doing dh w/the 16kg and sh w/the 12kg consistently.   I was thinking to push through the next 3 weeks without any down time/de-loading but I find myself very weary this week so … Continue reading

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I need a fitness friend….

I just feel so all alone in trying to become a more fit and healthy version of myself.  I have no one to talk to about this. It’s hard to find someone in the middle ground area – someone who … Continue reading

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The Media Diet

Originally posted on This is Not a Diet:
I’ve been a larger person for the great majority of my life.  I’ve never experienced being someone who has teeny little invisible-to-others flaws they pick apart in the mirror.  In fact, for…

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