Week 24 Recap

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth today I know this is authenticity

Monday 25 March – Up and at it early to get my workout in before the heat arrives.   LB #4 Four sets of 30sec work/30sec rest (deadlifts, cleans, pushups & 2hs), warm-up, cool-down.  The fourth set really kicks my butt and I have to really keep focused to keep correct form.  It feels good to have my workout finished before 7am.

50 minutes restorative yoga

Tuesday 26 March – 60 min bush bush/road walk, 3/3 TGU

Wednesday 27 March – 60 min bush/road walk, 60 min yogaglo class on sensitive knees.  Too hot in my studio so bagged on my kettlebell workout.

Thursday 28 March – 50 min bush/road walk, 90 min yoga class,

Really enjoying my morning walks into the bush.  I start on the road and then meet up with 2 neighbors and we head up the back and up and down some big hills in the bush.  There are a couple other paths that I’d like to explore up that way.  The only down side is that it’s probably not ‘safe’ to go on my own and sometimes I prefer walking without talking.

Lauren Brooks has a new workout program that she released that is very economical (under $30).  I’m really tempted but since I have 8 more weeks on the current program, Kettlebell for Women, and overall I’m enjoying the KFW program, I’m resisting the temptation to switch gears.  Plus, it looks as if I’ll be having surgery for gallbladder removal in the near future so I’m just going to stay the course with my current workout.

Friday 29 Mar – 30 min yogaglo standing poses, LB #5 (c&p (8,12,12), lunge (5,8,8), 1hs (8,12,12), 30 sec high plank (3), 2hs (12,16,16), warm-up, cool-down, foam rolling.

Saturday 30 Mar – Gallbladder attack – no workout today.  Spent many hours curled up in a ball and taking pain meds.  Not a good plan to swing a kettlebell while ‘under the influence’.

Sunday 31 MarTracy Reifkind is doing her 2013 swing challenge (four 30-minute sessions with a total of 2013 swings!) today so I did two of her swing routines – a total of 500 swings (sh, dh & tr w/8kg & 12kg).  It was a tough workout on it’s own so I can’t imagine how wasted Tracy & her fellow swingers will be after 2 hours of swinging.  MADNESS!

Tomorrow starts a new week of Lauren’s workouts – Level 2/Week 5.  I’ve cycled back a couple times because of injury so I’m looking forward to some new exercises.  High pulls and snatches here I come!

Also did 3/3 naked TGU and JMx2/Foam rolling & general yoga stretches while watching rugby.

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2 Responses to Week 24 Recap

  1. Lynn says:

    Kettlebell for women? I guess I could do some searching on your website but I will post my question. Is this a DVD program? A website? I did a search and I am not sure what you are doing. Just curious.

    • KrisR says:

      Kettlebell for Women is a book/program by Lauren Brooks. She also has a new online program just out ($30) called BeSlam. You can find her at http://www.ontheedgefitness.com and on Facebook. Oh, and she also has DVDs. 🙂 I really like Tracy Reifkind’s stuff also (her book The Swing is great) and her blog has a ton of information. Hope that helps!

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