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Can a woman do a Girls Gone Strong type program without going to the gym?  Without investing in a barbell/dumbbell based home gym?  Can I get stronger and stronger with minimal equipment (i.e. my kettlebells)?

I’m going to head on over to Molly Galbraith‘s site and see if she’s answered this question or not.  If she hasn’t, I’m going to ask the question.  Marianne Kane of myomytv seems to only do workouts in the home environment so I think the answer is YES – I just need to be creative.

I just simply don’t want to go back to the gym.  At this point, I’m doing pretty darn good working out on my own.  Not to mention – I’m a bit of a gym SNOB and I seriously (and probably egotistically) think that I know more and am more up to date on fitness information than any trainer I’ve met down in my little neck of the woods – at least the ones that are employed at the local gyms.  (Seriously, I know how full of myself that sounds – but from my experience – when I’ve mentioned different techniques, workout plans or people in the business to the trainers in the gyms I’ve joined locally – they look at me as if I’ve suddenly grown horns.  Most of them are minimally TAFE trained and once they get their certificate – they stop the learning process.)

I’m not saying that there aren’t excellent Personal Trainers here……I’m just saying that I haven’t found one LOCALLY yet.  (The exception being Mitch – my first trainer down here – but he’s no longer in the business).

I’m still looking because I truly would enjoy working WITH someone.  I’d like to work with someone who would correct my form, give me pointers, help me work out a well-rounded plan.  Just like with my yoga… the next couple weeks, I am hoping to schedule a session with a yoga teacher just to work on my form on several basic poses.  When you train by yourself, you THINK you’re doing things correctly – but without an outsider’s eye – how do you really know?

Also, even with the Lauren Brook’s program and her excellent instruction, it still would be good to have someone TEACH me how to do new exercises.  This week I add in ‘high pulls’ and ‘snatches’ to my workouts.  I’ll seriously give them a try and do my best but I think it would be better if I had someone demonstrate them and teach me.  Instead – I’ll spend time looking for you-tube videos and do the best I can.

I’ve kicked around the idea of online help but I just don’t think it’s for me.  I’m trying to stay open minded to the idea but right now – I’m just not there.  For now – I’ll just keep going on my own, asking my partner for help with alignment when necessary and take advantage of traveling to visit the occasional HKC/RKC instructors.

So anyway (I’ve gotten a bit off track here with my rant)…..home based Girls Gone Strong-type program…..lifting ubber heavy shit probably isn’t possible without a serious investment in equipment and I suppose if I truly wanted to do that kind of lifting, I’d re-join a gym.  But, since my goal is more general (increased strength, skill and fitness) I can most likely keep working in that direction from home with minimal additional equipment.  I’m thinking a couple new bells and perhaps a TRX or equivalent.  I’d love a hanging boxing bag too.

Why did it take until ‘middle-age’ for me to start enjoying exercise?  Some days I think there just isn’t enough energy in this body to do all the things I’d like to do.  Or I have the energy but I also have the niggling voice in my head (Tania!) that tells me I’m over-doing it and need to schedule in rest time also.  I guess there is truly no answer to my question.  I have the desire, the need, the craving to move my body now and I’m just going to flow with it and enjoy it.  In moderation.  While including rest and recovery days.  🙂

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