Week 23 recap

kettlebell workout - 2

kettlebell workout - 1

Above?  My workout space in my little house/studio.  I’ve been thinking about moving it outside to the carport but as we’re heading into winter – I might wait and do that in the Spring.  I wouldn’t be able to have it set up ‘permanently’ but I could pull the car out and throw down a piece of foam flooring easily enough.  It would be nice to workout outside in the milder months.  Something to think about.

For now, increased strength is my focus.

Two goals for the next 4 weeks:  fit into my batik pants & consistently do 1h swings with the 12kg bell and 2h swings with the 16kg bell.

Monday (3/18) – up and swinging my bells early this morning!  Lauren Brook’s workout #4 – 4 sets of 30 work/30 rest (deadlift, cleans, pushups, 2h swings), warm-up, cool-down, 5/5 unweighted lunges.

Tuesday (3/19)– Moderately stiff today from yesterday’s workout.  I can certainly tell that I have been away from heavy workouts for several weeks.   50 min bush/road walk, 3x 60 sec forearm planks, 3/3 naked TGU, foam rolling.

I’m obviously getting stronger and perhaps not doing TGU for a couple weeks was good for me.  Last night I was able to do the TGU on the left to standing without assistance!  The ones on the right I still used support (the piano) to get to standing but I applied considerably LESS pressure when moving from lunge to standing.  I’m getting there.  It’s only the end of March.  Goal…..8kg unassisted TGU by the end of the year.

Wednesday (3/20) – 20min yoga w/ Amy Illipoli (yogaglo), 3 sets of LB WO #5 (kneeling press w/8,8,8kg, lunge w/8,5,5kg, 1hs w/8.12,12kg, plank, 2hs w/12,16,16kg), warm-up, cool-down, JMx2

Thursday (3/21) – Rest Day.  50 min bush/road walk, 3/3 naked TGU, JMx2, foam rolling.  3 months off of fish oil.  Bleeding issues have nearly cleared up but my hip and knee pain is back.  Am trying glucosamine to see if that helps.  Also someone suggested LSA powder?  Apparently it’s a combination of Omega 3’s.  I’ll check on it tomorrow when I go to town.

Friday (3/22) – Absolutely nothing.  I just simply could NOT be bothered.  I wasn’t overly tired.  I wasn’t sore.  I just was absolutely not interested and couldn’t convince myself to do my workout.  Mentally, physically, emotionally – it just wasn’t there.  I’ll call it an unscheduled rest day.

Saturday (3/23) – LB #3WO 30sec work/30 rest 4 sets (lunge, Clean & press, 2hs, 1arm plank, alt swing, waiter hold), warm-up, cool-down.

Sunday (3/24) – Tracy Reifkind 2013 #2 workout (1hs w/8kg (200), 2hs w/12kg (100))  Done and dusted in 15 minutes flat.  Also did a yogaglo YIN workout on ‘hip openers that are safe for knees’.  3/3 naked TGU to standing (still need assistance on right side).

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