Week 22 recap


photo courtesy of cleaneatz

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – 60 minute bush walk.  yogaglo, planks, joint mobility work, lunges, foam rolling & stretching in front of TV

Was told by the neighbor gal that when she moved here and we started walking, I struggled to keep up with them (I did indeed struggle but primarily because of shin splints).  Today, she struggles to keep up with me.  She actually asked me to slow down this morning while ‘charging’ up the hill.  What a great NSV (non-scale victory)!

I am seriously missing my kettle bell workouts.  I’m hoping to be back to them tomorrow after my MD appointment.

Wednesday – 30 minute yogaglo w/ Felicia, 100 dh w/12kg, 100 sh w/8kg, 60 sec plank x3,   joint mobility x2, foam rolling  **hips starting to hurt.  2 1/2 months since I stopped fish oil supplementation.  Started Glucosamine today to see if that helps.  MRI follow-up today.

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class w/Diane

Friday – 50 min road/bush walk

Saturday – Tracy Reifkind 2013 workout #1.  Did this more as a ballistic workout with my lightest kettlebell (8kg).  I did the workout twice plus added 60 swings to bring it up to 500 swings total (one and two handed swing combinations).

Sunday – 15 minute kundalini morning yoga, 60 min restorative yoga in pm

Tomorrow it’s back to the Lauren Brook’s program PLUS.  My goal for the next 4 weeks is to push myself to do the maximum that I can.  For example – if her program says to do 3-4 sets – I want to choose 4 sets – even if it means a longer rest between later sets.

Also, I’d like to work towards consistently using the 12kg for single hand swings and the 16kg for double hand swings – even if I have to decrease the AMOUNT of swings I’m doing.

This month – my focus is on increasing strength.

I’m also going to re-read Gillian Riley’s book Eating Less and Roland Denzel’s Man on Top as I need to keep the messages from both books up front and centre.  It seems to help keep me on track if I am reading inspirational, educational books.

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