Back to swingin’ my bells!


Back to swinging my bells!

Just came from the MD and there is no reason, based upon my recent MRI of the thoracic region, that I can’t be swinging my bells.  Just normal age-related wear and tear.  So, you can guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon!

My plan (I’ve been plotting it for several days now) is to spend this week doing Tracy Reifkind style swing programs (I really like the 3 routines she posted for 2013), TGU & lunges (Wed, Fri, Sun) and then Monday start back on the Lauren Brook’s kettlebell program – week 3.  I am seriously committed to finishing this 12 week program – no matter how long it takes!

As far as the pain.  Next step is an ultra-sound of my abdominal area in search of a problem.  My gut tells me it’s gallbladder.

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