Movie seats


I took myself on a solo date today – to see the movie Safe Haven.

While sitting in the theatre waiting for the movie to start I thought about how things are so much different in movie theatres for me today than they were 5+ years ago.

In the past – I would have been sitting there with a LARGE or even EXTRA LARGE buttered popcorn and a 32 ounce diet coke.

Today I was sitting there with nothing to eat or drink.  I was just there to see a movie – not eat or drink.

In the past – I would have been stuffed into the seat.  At 300 pounds, I typically ‘overflowed’ most seats – whether in restaurants or theatres.  I would have been uncomfortable.  I would have been encroaching upon the person sitting next to me and using some of their space.

Today I sat comfortably in my seat, room to spare, crossing my legs with ease and thoroughly enjoying the movie.

It was a good day.

Color me grateful.

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