Week 21 recap


NSV!  Non-scale victory!  I am officially retiring my current pair of jeans.  I bought them 3-4 years ago and when I bought them, they were tight – but I wore them anyway.  I actually remember the first night I wore them….we went out to a Mexican restaurant in South Dakota and when we left, I had to unbutton them because I was miserable.  It was the first time I had worn a size 16 non-stretch jean in years.  I had been actively working on my fitness and diet and had lost about 50 pounds (total of about 80) at that time.

SIDE NOTE:  I really need to do a blog post about where I’ve come from…..the cliff notes are that I have been overweight most of my adult life.  Top weight was 300 pounds.  I’ve done every diet known to woman except injecting pregnant mares urine – I drew the line there.  And surgery – I’ve resisted surgery also.  Anyway…..I’ll write that post one of these days.

Back to my current NSV…..over the last 3-4 years, these jeans became my benchmark for my weight (because I don’t weigh).  Sometimes they were tight.  Sometimes I needed to wear a belt with them.  Sometimes I wouldn’t even try them on because I KNEW they wouldn’t fit.

I COULD wear them with a belt today – but they are very baggy around the hips and so I’ve decided to retire them.  It’s time to go find another pair of non-stretch jeans.  I might try an op shop.  It feels good to be in control of my eating instead of having my eating controlling me.

It also feels wonderful to move.  Even though I’m off the kettle bells – my yoga is going great.  And I’m challenging myself to do harder classes and really dig in – not just ‘float’.  ‘Just float’ isn’t bad….but sometimes a woman needs to challenge herself.

Monday – 30 min yogaglo w/Jason Crandall on alignment of standing poses.

Tuesday – 30 min yoga w/ Jason Crandall on psoas, 30 min yoga w/Felicia on insomnia, 20 min pranayama w/Jason Crandall

Wednesday – 75 minute road/bush walk, 30 min yoga on standing poses, 30 min yoga on ‘hands free’ work, 20 min yogaglo insomnia meditation  ***Pain episode about 2 hours after eating dinner – had a higher-fat meat tonight -seems to be a correlation with diet -my gut tells me this pain issue is more intestinal based rather than back based.  Next MD appointment to review MRI is next Wednesday.***

Thursday – 60 min yin yoga class focused on worn out hands, wrists and shoulders w/ Felicia

Friday – 60 min bush walk, 40 minutes lunge, planks, yoga stretches and joint mobility work while watching rugby

Saturday – 20 min yogaglo on pre-meditation hip openers

Sunday – Kettlebellebody bodyweight workout #1, 30 min yogaglo on refining your standing poses, 60 min restorative yoga, 30 min beach walk

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One Response to Week 21 recap

  1. sonavan says:

    Congtratulation on your success! Keep up the good work! Thank you for your posts about yoga, it inspired me to give it a try, and I liked it 🙂

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