Week 20 Recap


“Weight is a number.  Health is for Life.”   – The Anti-Jared

No kettlebell practice/training until further notice.  Totally bummed out about it – but I think it’s the best course of action until we figure out what is causing my pain.

Monday – Rest day.  Took a 60 minute restorative yoga class.  6 hours of intense pain.

Tuesday – Beach walk.  Joint mobility x1, yoga stretches.

Wednesday – Day 1 of 30 day yoga asana challenge.  Did the first 3 beginner session w/Steven Espinosa on yogaglo.  Focus was on sun salutation poses.  Joint mobility x1.

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class w/Diane.  Joint mobility x2, yoga stretches, foam roller/tennis ball work.

Friday – 3 yogaglo classes (30 min class focused on sun salutation/warrior, 30 min yin/hip opener, 20 min meditation/savasana), foam rolling, warm-up/cool-down routine by Kettlebellebody

Saturday – foam rolling, stretching & sun salutations while ‘watching’ rugby

Sunday – 45 min beginner class #5 w/yogaglo (Steven Espinosa).  Focus on standing poses, hip openers plus review of sun salutations.  30 min Pranayama class.  30 min yoga for insomnia class before bed.

No pain since Monday.  Not sure if this is because of no kettlebell work or perhaps it’s because I’ve been very conscious of NOT overeating (even so called ‘healthy’ foods) at any time and also, I’ve been very aware of not eating any high fat foods since Monday.  I’m so tempted to add back in kettlebell work but I’ll hold off.

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