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Week 24 Recap

Monday 25 March – Up and at it early to get my workout in before the heat arrives.   LB #4 Four sets of 30sec work/30sec rest (deadlifts, cleans, pushups & 2hs), warm-up, cool-down.  The fourth set really kicks my … Continue reading

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Girls Gone Strong

(photo from Can a woman do a Girls Gone Strong type program without going to the gym?  Without investing in a barbell/dumbbell based home gym?  Can I get stronger and stronger with minimal equipment (i.e. my kettlebells)? I’m going … Continue reading

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The Banana Miracle?

I use this blog as a journal of sorts – more for my own record than anything else.  Which leads me to make this notation: I have suffered off and on from insomnia for several years now.  It’s typically of … Continue reading

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Week 23 recap

Above?  My workout space in my little house/studio.  I’ve been thinking about moving it outside to the carport but as we’re heading into winter – I might wait and do that in the Spring.  I wouldn’t be able to have … Continue reading

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Yesterday didn’t feel good

Yesterday didn’t feel good.  It could have easily developed into a free-for-all food fest. I had an ‘off’ day and I’m not sure why.  My food was off and a struggle all day.   I was constantly pre-occupied with thoughts … Continue reading

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