Bok Choy

stir fried bakchoy

We get fresh lettuce and veggies from our neighbour each week.  This week there was 4 heads of bok choy and a bushel-full of black kale in our bag.  Mr. W doesn’t eat anything green (except brussel sprouts and an occasional broccoli flower) so I get it all!

Last night I did a quick saute’ in coconut oil with the black kale, garlic, green onions, red chilli and lime juice.

Tonight, it’s was bok choy using this recipe.  YUM!  I cut out the brown sugar, cut down on the sweet sauces, and added fresh chilli.  That, with about 4 ounces of grilled fillet, 5 bites of couscous (thanks Liz for that suggestion) and some grilled tomatoes made for a perfect dinner.  The Pinot Noir was delicious also.  🙂

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