Week 19 Recap


Sunday – 30 minutes yogaglo yoga class otherwise NOTHING.  Pretty much a total rest day.  I needed it after my RKC workout yesterday.

Monday – LB #4 4 sets(30/30 routine-DL w/16kg, L/R clean w/8, pushup to windowsill, 2hs w/12k), 5/5 lunges, 3/3 TGU to lunge, 3x 60sec planks, 60 min restorative yoga class w/Kerri, JMx1, warm-up/cool-down

Tuesday – 60 minute road/bush walk

Wednesday – LB #5 3 sets (1/2 kneeling presses w/8kg, 5/5 lunge, 1hs w/12, high plank – 30 sec, 2hs w/16), 3×60 sec forearm planks, JMx2, warm-up/cool-down

Thursday – rest day

Friday – LB #3 (30/30 routine – goblet squat w/8, c&p w/8, 2hs w/16, plank, alt swings w/12, waiter hold w/12), 5/5 lunges, SMR & yoga stretches in front of Rugby games

Saturday – Tabata 1 (2hs & hip thrusts) (I FRICKIN’ HATE Tabata workouts), Joint Mobility x2

Sunday – LB #2 – 2 1/2 sets (5- Goblet squats w/8, 8/8 1 arm rows w/8, 8 DL w/12, 8/8 cleans w/8, 10/10 1hs w/8)  (Dropped weights down from previous workouts as it was very hot and humid in the studio.  Cut it short when it got too much for me.), warm-up, cool-down, JM x2, yoga stretches, 50 minutes restorative yoga.

Two episodes of pain this week.  Both lasting about an hour.  Appointment this week with MD to try and sort it out.  Am totally convinced it’s not muscular.

Feel like I’ve lost a little focus this week on my ‘rehab’ work (i.e. my lunges and TGU work) also with my training for the plankathon.  This week I’ll work to focus on those things a little more.  I’m also working to dial in my food a bit more – make it just a little bit cleaner.  This week or next I’m going to loosely track my calories – just to see what I’m averaging.  I don’t want to get crazy with counting and cutting – but I do want an honest awareness.

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  1. love the pic – very cute 🙂

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