My RKC session last weekend

It was GREAT!  I really learned a lot and felt it was worth the investment.  I highly encourage others to seek out qualified kettlebell trainers.  This particular trainer is about 2 1/2 hours away from me so training with him more regularly isn’t an option but if it was – I would definitely go to his classes and have more PT sessions with him.  As it is – I’ll just take a one-off class whenever I’m in Sydney or Canberra and keep working on my technique.

Here are my notes.  They might not make perfect sense!

Notes from my RKC Training session – Feb 2013

Drills to improve swing:
  1.  Arms behind back.  Hands clasp together.  Push hands back with hips (hip hinge).  Keep tension on glutes and lock out at the top.  Tighten abs but don’t do a tail tuck.
  2. Hip bridge on bench.  Shoulders on bench, arms spread out wide, toes up.  Squeeze glutes on way up and then add an extra squeeze at the top before releasing down.
  3. Finger in bum and squeeze.  Sounds horrible – and don’t do while looking someone else in the eye!  However, this will give you immediate feedback on your glute squeeze.
Plank drills that will improve swing:
  1.  Curve awareness with stick.  Activate the glutes & abs and get into position; neutral neck.  Have partner place stick on your back to check alignment  Stick should touch head, thoracic region and bum.  Should be about 1 hand thickness in area between lumber and stick and a 2 hand thickness gap between the cervical region and stick.  There is a youtube video that the PT referred me to but the link isn’t working correctly.  Here’s a link to one of his videos – search for the one on ‘hands and knees 3 point spinal adjustment’ to get the correct video – Kit Laughlin. 
  2. Burpee.  Don’t worry about the pushup portion just go into the instant plank.  NO slouch or dip in the body.  This corresponds with what we have at the top of the swing.  More of a ‘snap’ movement.
  3. Hip bridge on floor.  Toes up, glutes/abs tight, hands up in the air facing each other.
  4. Same as #3 except have partner add leverage with their hands onto your hands.  (You will place one palm on top of the other hand while having them in the air, palms facing your feet).  Hip bridge while pushing back (toward partner who is standing at your head) with your hands.  This will help engage the lats.
  5. Another partner exercise to check your vertical position on the upswing.  Stand and have partner place their (slightly pinched together) fingers a few centimetres away from your middle back.  Now do a swing.  Your back should just touch your partner’s fingers – not too far forward or bang into their fingers.  Do a mini-crunch at the top of the swing, locking rib cage against the pelvis.
  6. Power snap with swing.  Faster.  It all comes together with a ‘pop’.  Glutes, abs & lats all engaged.  Shoulders down and back.  Everything engaged and firing.
Other things to work on:
*Ending with the bell down.  Don’t go slack before the bell is planted.
*Use perfect posture whenever you are holding or moving the bell to prevent injury.
*finish each rep with focus
*shoulder blades down and back
1 handed swing:
*do weak side first
*watch tilt on left shoulder
*elbow tucked to side not flopped out
*put something (like a folded up strap) below elbow to confirm what movement should be like (with elbow drawn in).
*bell rests in fingers and jumps from fingers to base of the palm.  This will keep tears/calluses at bay.
*do not GRIP handle.  Should just slide or easily move from fingers to base of palm position.
*place knee closer to hand or you won’t be able to balance properly
*don’t worry about standing for now.  That’s probably the least important part of the TGU.
*chest out/up rather than collapsing forward
*support arm position should be rotated outward
**The top of the swing is a plank standing up**
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