Week 18 Recap


Sunday – short walk on the beach, 60 minute yogaglo – yin style

Monday – 340 dh swing ladder w/12kg.  First workout post pain episodes.  Feel it in my lats after a week of no swinging.  Was good to get back in the game.  60 minute restorative yoga class.

Tuesday – 30 yogaglo, joint mobility x2, 3 planks, 5/5 lunges, 1/1 TGU

Wednesday – 65 min bush walk (gorgeous!), 300 sh & dh swings (TR 2013 #2 workout)

Thursday – 50 min road walk, planks, lunges, TGU, yoga

Friday – 50 min bush walk, JM & foam rolling

Saturday – 90 minute kettlebell PT session with RKC in Canberra.  I’ll write about what I learned later in the week.  It was an excellent session and I’m pumped to put some of his drills to good work.

So, tomorrow, Monday – I’m back in the game of doing kettlebell workouts.  I’ve decided to cycle back to week 3 of Lauren Brook’s program.  Do weeks 3,4,5 & 6 then take another de-load week.  I’m going to add a few things to the basic program.

On the JM/AR (Joint Mobility/Active Recovery) days, I’ll do a variety of the drills I learned this weekend.

On the workout days, I’ll add 5/5 lunges that Tania has suggested and 3/3 TGU to lunge position.  IF I have energy and I think I’m up for it, I will do UP TO 100 additional swings on workout days – IF the LB workout doesn’t include any swings.  I really like swings – and I REALLY like what I learned this weekend about ‘hard style’ swings so I don’t want to let that knowledge go to waste – which it will if I don’t practice it.

As far as the pain – totally and 100% gone for a week now.  I’m still not 100% convinced that it was muscular.  I’ve talked with a few people and done some research and I think it may be something else (gallbladder?) so I have an appointment with my MD in a week to have everything checked.  Hopefully it was muscular but on the off chance it wasn’t – it’s worth checking out.

One last note……I am now in need of a belt in order to keep my jeans up around my waist.  Next goal:  for them to be too loose to wear even WITH a belt.  Slow and steady – not getting crazy.  It feels good.

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