Week 17 recap

kettlebell-pic1Week of pain-

Sunday – 50 minute walk (pain)

Monday – 50 minute walk (pain)

Tuesday – 50 minute walk (no pain)

Wednesday – 90 minute restorative/yin yoga class w/yogaglo (pain)

Thursday – absolutely nothing (pain – but more dull and constant in back rather than intense/acute)

Friday – 30 minute walk, therapeutic massage (pain for about 2 hours in afternoon – same area, around the base of my rib cage), round the clock ibuprofen

Saturday – 30 minute walk, mobility work and some foam rolling, round the clock ibuprofen, self massage w/vibrator lent by massage therapist (NO PAIN TODAY!)

Plan for next week:  Slowly get back into the game of working out.  Plan to do a Sun/Tue/Thur/Sat schedule.  I have a PT session scheduled with an RKC in Canberra on Saturday so I need to build back into my strength this week.

Instead of jumping back into the Lauren Brook’s program, I’ve decided to do a week of swings.  I’ll start with 2 handed swings and if all goes well, I’ll add in transfers and one handed swings by the end of the week in anticipation of my PT session.  I’m going to take it relatively easy though – just to make sure I don’t aggravate what was going on last week.


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