Week 16 recap


Sunday Jan 27, 2013:  LB WO#2 (goblet squat, single arm row, deadlift, clean, 1hs).  Really struggled today to do this workout but once I started, it was enjoyable.  I waited until too late in the day and it was hot and humid.  When will I learn to get my work outs done in the morning?

Watched the movie Fat, Sick and nearly Dead this afternoon thanks toTania of PTmepersonalisedtraining in Sydney, NSW.  Absolutely a great, motivational movie to watch.  Regardless of the method of fat loss – the change in the people when they put their health as their priority was just amaze-balls.  Not to mention, part of the story was based near my hometown neighborhood which was fun to see!

Monday – Rest Day.  60 minute restorative yoga class w/Kerri

Tuesday – Lauren Brooks #4 – (30 work/rest; 3 sets), Joint Mobility routine x2, Tracy Reifkind 2013 #2 (300 swings), 30 minutes supported savasana (ahhhh…..nirvana!)

Wednesday – JMx2, Tabata 1 (2hs & squat thrusts).  These Tabata workouts kill me.  Four minutes of misery.  🙂  At least it’s ONLY 4 minutes though…..although she does say that as you get stronger, do TWO of them.  grrrrrr

Thursday – LB #5 (1/2 kneeling press, stationery lunge, 1hs, plank, 2hs), TR 2013 #3 (200 swings)

Friday – unscheduled rest day.  Only did joint mobility x2 rounds.  Had tremendous middle back pain from 1pm – 9pm yesterday and was still sore today to took it easy.  Although I enjoy adding on extra swings to Lauren’s program – I’m stopping it as I think I’m pushing too hard.

I find myself in a odd situation – I have time, energy and desire to do MORE but logically, I know that I’m (probably? you think?) doing too much.  Balance is important.  If I want to move more, I need to choose walking, swimming or yoga.

I’m not sure that the extra swings caused my back to seize up yesterday BUT the bottom line (for me) is that if I want to do a swing workout – I’ll have to substitute it for a Lauren Brooks workout – I can’t do both on the same day.  Herein ends the lecture to myself.  🙂

Saturday – LB #4 (DL, Cleans, pushups, 2hs – increased weights on all; 30 sec work/30 sec rest)

This is the end of Level 1 of the Lauren Brook’s Kettlebell for Women Program.  Tomorrow I’ll start Level 2 – Strength and Fat Burning.  There are several new exercises to learn so that will keep it interesting.  Not many swings – which makes me sad but that’s ok.  When I’m done with this 3 month program I’ll do a month or two of Tracy Reifkind’s swing programs.  Variety….the spice of life, right?

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