Kettlebell Resources – blogs


I thought I’d share a few kettlebell resources I’ve found.  For this first post on resources, I’ll focus on blogs that have a kettlebell theme.

If you know of a kettlebell focused blog that I don’t have listed here, let me know and I’ll add it.  The more inspiration – the more motivation the better!

In no particular order – and with no endorsement – here are the kettlebell focused blogs in my reader:

Adrienne’s Blog

Beautiful Strength

Blackstone Valley Kettlebells

Chasing Strength

dkb Fitness

Kettlebells LA

Fawn Friday

Fortitudine Vincimus

Kettlebell Queen (Lauren Brooks)

Josh’s Garage


Phil Ross (American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells)

PTme personalised Training

Rifs Blog

RKC School of Strength

Sam Conquers Kettlebells

rdella training



Tess Hunt RKC

Little Kettlebell Woman

The Chronicles of Strength

Tracy Reifkind

All about Kettlebells

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5 Responses to Kettlebell Resources – blogs

  1. Sona says:

    Thanks for the list. I only know few of the resources. I definetelly need to check all of them to find some innformation for my February challenge:-) I know one blog that I don´t see in you list

  2. Christine says:

    Hey, Kris! Thanks for including Beautiful-Strength on your kettlebell blog list. Very humbling 🙂

  3. sonavan says:

    Hello Kris, today I found new source about kettlebell training :

  4. kettlebellqueen says:

    Thanks for link Kris.

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